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image: alex witt
alex witt
image: alexis glick
alexis glick
image: alicia silverstone
alicia silverstone
image: amanda bynes
amanda bynes
image: amy brenneman
amy brenneman
image: amy troy
amy troy
image: andrea stassou
andrea stassou
image: barbara bermudo
barbara bermudo
image: beth ehlers
beth ehlers
image: britney spears
britney spears
image: calista flockhart
calista flockhart
image: carmen dominicci
carmen dominicci
image: carolyn hughes
carolyn hughes
image: catherine callaway
catherine callaway
image: charlize theron
charlize theron
image: cheryl casone
cheryl casone
image: christi paul
christi paul
image: christina park
christina park
image: cindy taylor
cindy taylor
image: claire danes
claire danes
image: contessa brewer
contessa brewer
image: cynthia bowers
cynthia bowers
image: dari alexander
dari alexander
image: dawna friesen
dawna friesen
image: debbie travis
debbie travis
image: donna tetreault
donna tetreault
image: elisabeth hasselbeck
elisabeth hasselbeck
image: elisabeth rohm
elisabeth rohm
image: elizabeth vargas
elizabeth vargas
image: erica hill
erica hill
image: faith ford
faith ford
image: flavia colgan
flavia colgan
image: halle berry
halle berry
image: heather kahn
heather kahn
image: heather nauert
heather nauert
image: heather tesch
heather tesch
image: hillary andrews
hillary andrews
image: jane skinner
jane skinner
image: janice dean
janice dean
image: jann carl
jann carl
image: jean lee
jean lee
image: jen carfagno
jen carfagno
image: jennifer connelly
jennifer connelly
image: jennifer eccleston
jennifer eccleston
image: jennifer london
jennifer london
image: jessica yellin
jessica yellin
image: jessica alba
jessica alba
image: julia roberts
julia roberts
image: julianna margulies
julianna margulies
image: julianne moore
julianne moore
image: julie chen
julie chen
image: juliette binoche
juliette binoche
image: kate snow
kate snow
image: katherine heigl
katherine heigl
image: kathryn morris
kathryn morris
image: katie holmes
katie holmes
image: kelly cass
kelly cass
image: kelly preston
kelly preston
image: kelly rowland
kelly rowland
image: kim cattrall
kim cattrall
image: kim perez
kim perez
image: kiran chetry
kiran chetry
image: kirstin cole
kirstin cole
image: kristin kreuk
kristin kreuk
image: kristina abernathy
kristina abernathy
image: kristine johnson
kristine johnson
image: lara logan
lara logan
image: lara spencer
lara spencer
image: lauren holly
lauren holly
image: laurie dhue
laurie dhue
image: lilla marigza
lilla marigza
image: lindsay soto
lindsay soto
image: lisa castleman
lisa castleman
image: lisa mozer
lisa mozer
image: liv tyler
liv tyler
image: marg helgenberger
marg helgenberger
image: maria menounos
maria menounos
image: marti johnson
marti johnson
image: megyn kendall
megyn kendall
image: melissa barrington
melissa barrington (exploratory)
image: melissa stark
melissa stark
image: mercedes colwin
mercedes colwin
image: michelle franzen
michelle franzen
image: milissa rehberger
milissa rehberger
image: mischa barton
mischa barton
image: mish michaels
mish michaels
image: nancy o'dell
nancy o'dell
image: natalia livingston
natalia livingston
image: natalie morales
natalie morales
image: nicole kidman
nicole kidman
image: norah o'donnell
norah o'donnell
image: page hopkins
page hopkins
image: patti ann browne
patti ann browne
image: paula zahn
paula zahn
image: poppy montgomery
poppy montgomery
image: rachael ray
rachael ray
image: rebecca gomez
rebecca gomez
image: robin meade
robin meade
image: rudi bakhtiar
rudi bakhtiar
image: salma hayek
salma hayek
image: sarah wynter
sarah wynter
image: sharyl attkisson
sharyl attkisson
image: soledad o'brien
soledad o'brien
image: susan mcginnis
susan mcginnis
image: terri smith
terri smith (exploratory)
image: tina fey
tina fey
image: tracy smith
tracy smith
image: victoria corderi
victoria corderi

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