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re: 5.23.04 - natalie morales
thanks for stopping by. it's nice to see that she's getting more exposure on nbc now.

i hope you're not drinking pals with jim. you do know drinking is bad for you, right? :-D



re: 4.21.04 - natalia livingston
check your e-mail inbox. :-)



re: 3.1.04 - jeanetta jones
brandon: generally, if you want to contact someone who is featured on twwl., you should send feedback through that person's network. so for jeanetta, you'd be a lot better off sending a message via's contact us form.



re: 2.27.04 - hillary andrews
i'm not sure if she actually she reads here (probably not), so i won't bother commenting more.

re: 2.26.04 - julie chen
you did see my reply here, right? the caps are there. you just need to follow the links on the green navigation bars.



re: 2.22.04 - hillary andrews
indeed she does. she's got a cheery personality on camera.

re: 2.21.04 - the weather channel (twc)
you did know that twc has its own feedback system, right, jim? i do have to agree with you, though. for the most part, they do a great job.



re: soledad o'brien
to answer your first question, yes. in picture 16 of her 6.29.03 caps, you can see her older daughter approaching her; 17 shows someone from behind the scences bringing her younger one to her.

to answer your second question, i have no idea.



re: 1.31.04, 2.1.04 - julie chen
sorry for the late reply, guys. i haven't changed anything. i think the problem can be solved by doing this, though: first, reload the page, then scroll down to the bottom of the green navigation bar that shows the dates sorted from oldest to newest. thanks for stopping by.



re: 1.14.04 - barbara bermudo
thanks for the compliment, lee. i have caps of her from november, but i doubt that i'll be posting them on the web anytime soon.

re: 1.14.04 - kris pickel
i'm not the right person to answer these questions about her. sorry.

re: 1.10.04 - hillary andrews
i replied to this message in the hillary andrews group.



re: milissa rehberger (follow-up to 7.26.03 and 10.4.03)
it's funny how these things happen. when the topic was first brought up here (7.26), i mentioned this:

another possibility is that she could find a position in a national news network. but those are just ideas off the top of my head.

she's now doing the overnight thing on msnbc.

re: 1.3.04 - hillary andrews
man, where do you guys get your questions from? :-D i'm guessing the answers to your questions are no and maybe.



thanks for visiting, vernon! glad you like the site.



amy troy certainly looks hispanic, but i'm not quite sure. i'm guessing she's from oregon, but i'm also not sure about that.



i actually have a few more appearances of lara spencer that i haven't posted, but i don't know when i'll have time to post them.

i also wish there were more lara spencers, but that's a totally different problem. ;-)



thanks for the compliment.

if you checked the forums recently, you would have learned that i actually cap barbara nearly every time she's on these days. the caps dated october 7 were actually posted on october 29, so there can be a delay posting them, and sometimes the delay could be counted in terms of months and not just days.

i don't know if you've seen them yet, but you can find the only caps i have of myrka online right now at t__l.exp the ___ ___ love.experimental.



great site, jess. nice touch with the extensionless files. i'm not sure right now if i'll add jennifer garner to my list.

re:11.5.03 - alicia silverstone?
i'm not sure which alicia you intended to send the message to, flora. i'm guessing alicia silverstone, and in that case i don't have any of her contact information.



you're welcome, pete. glad you liked the jeanetta jones caps.



sorry for the late response, mitch. you're welcome for the lara spencer section! you're right about there being not much else on the internet. sad but true.



gayle guyardo can be found on this site in the anchors and reporters series, 1998 version. she was working at wfla, the nbc affiliate in tampa (fl), when that version was created.

and the reason for creating the website would be? i only ask this because there are some people who value their privacy a lot, so they may not want to share more information than they really have to.

i don't know if katie and lindsay have performed at all, because for all i know they could still be toddlers.



re:10.8.03 - kelly cass
dunno. maybe.

re:10.7.03 - kristina abernathy
well there you go. three reasons to like kristina. no mention of her hair, huh?


for those who don't know who milissa is, read the 7.26.03 reply below.

you're really keeping count, huh, njslevin? :-)

since some confusion can arise in using twwl to refer to both me and the site, i'll call myself cgs from now on.

i haven't heard anything about where milissa is either. sorry.

just like i did with thomas, i'll just have to take your word for it when you say things about her. you're lucky to see anything below her waist; i have yet to see any of the stations in my area show anything like that!

thanks for keeping your language within the range of acceptability for this site. ;-)


dina falco can be found on this site in the anchors and reporters series, 2001 and 2002 versions. she was working at wkmg, the cbs affiliate in orlando (fl), when those versions were created.

you're welcome, jay. she must be a good luck charm for them. the huskies have a 1-0 record when dina falco covers the game! :-D

you're welcome for the photos of kristina abernathy and barbara bermudo, bill. thanks for visiting!

thomas is referring to milissa rehberger, who can be found on this site in the anchors and reporters series, 2000 version. she was working at koco, the abc affiliate in oklahoma city (ok), when that version was created. in an article written by scott maxwell of the orlando sentinel (published july 1, 2003), it says that milissa's last day at fox 35 (wofl; orlando, fl) was july 3, and that her plans after that weren't clear.

i guess it's possible that she could find a position in houston. with the high turnover of people in her field, it may not matter because she'd probably move again after a year or two. another possibility is that she could find a position in a national news network. but those are just ideas off the top of my head. i've only seen head shots of milissa, so i can't really comment on how stylish she is. i'll just have to take your word for it, thomas.

kimberly bermel can be found on this site in the anchors and reporters series, 2000 and 2001 versions. she was working at wfla, the nbc affiliate in tampa (fl), when those versions were created. she currently teaches at the connecticut school of broadcasting in tampa and serves as an anchor/reporter for the medical news network.

good luck looking for the articles. i keep telling myself that i'm going to update the about this site section one of these days, but i keep putting it off. so to answer your second question, here's a brief summary: the site began as just a list of women that i admired. eventually, lots of people visited the site and started asking me for pictures of people on the list, so creating fansites was a natural progression i guess. the anchors and reporters series came about mainly because:

  1. i watch the news a lot of the time
  2. i was interested in seeing how anchors and reporters' pictures on their stations' websites accurately show how they look on a daily basis
  3. it was fun to see how a road trip on the internet would be, with it being the information superhighway and all
glad it made you smile.

i love victoria beckham. melanie c's rock star image doesn't work for me. she can sing, but i have to admit that i liked emma bunton's album more. i imagine it will take a long time until i can get enough material to post about victoria since she doesn't spend much time in the united states. according to a november 2002 report on dotmusic, victoria signed on with telstar records and will release material (at least in the u.k.) sometime this year.

thanks for the compliment, toad.

julie abbott can be found on this site in the anchors and reporters series, 2002 version. she was working at wixt, the abc affiliate in syracuse (ny), when that version was created.

keith, the most common source of images for the anchors and reporters series is the anchor/reporter's station website because no one seems to be submitting images through any other means. that's the case for julie abbott, too. interestingly, her station currently doesn't have a photo of her, so if we were to scan the station websites for the 2003 edition, she would have no chance of showing up at all.

kris pickel can be found on this site in the anchors and reporters series, 1997 version. she was working at kold, the cbs affiliate in tucson (az), when that version was created.

just like you, dave, i can only wonder because i've only seen her, so i have no idea what her voice sounds like. :-)

you're welcome, olddreamer.

regarding the "more heather" (heather tesch, that is) suggestion by (>'.')>, you'll be happy to know that the number of caps per day has been increased from 5 to 10.

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